Our Services

Garden Design

We provide a garden design service for new gardens or to make over an existing garden. This can range from a basic sketch to be used as a working plan or a detailed design which is prepared during several meetings.

Retaining Walls

Many properties require retaining walls to help to create level areas or to raise the garden above clay soil or a waterlogged situation. We specialise in rock walls built from locally sourced materials. A dry stone wall is the most cost effective solution for large sites.

Paving & Decking

We provide a complete decking and paving serviceĀ for small and large size areas using either new or recycled materials.

Garden Construction

Our garden construction service includes supply of all materials, soils, mulch, plants and irrigation. We have access to plants that are in prime condition and we supply and plant new or makeover gardens after consultation with the property owners.

Garden Makeovers

An existing garden may be looking a bit rundown and we remove weeds, fertilise and prune existing plants, provide mulch to retain moisture and provide new plants as required.


A cost effective solution for driveways or parking spaces is to spread, compact and level roadbase. A cement stabilised roadbase using recycled crushed concrete provides a very hard surface to drive on.

Bushland Regeneration

Many suburban properties are close to bushland and we provide a regeneration service including removal of noxious weeds, mulching and planting of indigenous plants.

Edible Gardens

There is an increasing interest in growing our own food and we provide a permaculture design service for sustainable gardens and small farms in addition to constructing vegetable gardens, planting fruit trees, erosion control, planting of windbreaks, water management and integrating the garden with poultry and animal systems.